About Sunders B.V.


Our vision


Integrity, quality, and flexibility are central to us at Sunders B.V. Integrity: honest prices, reliable service, and loyalty towards our clients. Quality: the constant improvement of the quality and user-friendliness of our products. Flexibility: our clients wishes and requests have the highest priority.


Our mission


Our mission at Sunders B.V. is to fulfill the unique needs of our clients and to develop long-term workings relationships. Sunders B.V. pays specific attention to the unique and individual needs of each client. Our clients can choose between an already existent line of enamel, earthenware, porcelain, and Bone China products, or develop their own unique range of products. We have a pro-active approach and can offer the newest decors and models on a regular basis.   




What makes us at Sunders B.V. unique is that we can offer our clients exclusivity, high quality products for excellent prices, and expertise in the field of promotional offers. We offer exclusivity; a one-of-a-kind line or collection of high quality enamel, earthenware, porcelain, or Bone China products that will not be sold to any third party in the Netherlands. We offer high quality products at a good prices. We offer years of experience with creating successful promotional deals: Blue Band, Disney, Salvador Dali, Francien's Cats, Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn, Rien Poortvliet, and Ot&Sien, to name a few.




Sunders B.V. has to its disposal a centrally located distribution center with excellent transportation facilities. Our customers have four options concerning distribution:

1. Large quantities direct delivery from one of our trucks without extra loading/off-loading/storage costs

2. Medium quantities delivery from our centrally located distribution center

3. Small quantities delivery by regular mail

4. Small quantities personal pick-up at our office by appointment only




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